Why you need Pre-design ?

Do you want to really impress your customers by the attractive 3D design of the roof by the effective presentation?
Do you want to find the maximum site capacity of the roof? 

Do you want to check the advanced shadow analysis and its generation effect? 
Do you want to close the deal with customers by a good quality product at a reasonable price? 
If yes then we have a best solution for you! 


  • 3D design of the site in sketchup software.
  • Finding the exact site capacity.
  • Panel placement with 3D photos.
  • Advanced shadow analysis (21st June & 21st December).


  • 3D modeling of the site in sketch up
  • Panel placement in 3D (3D photos)
  • Find exact solar plant capacity
  • Advance shadow analysis (21st June & 21st December)
  • Walk way placement for visualization photos
  • Suitable structure design as per site condition
  • Structure dimensions & structure section size in 3D
  • TS marking dimensions* (up to 100 KW)
  • Steel weight calculation
  • Detailed Structure BOM

Electrical Drawings

  • Single line diagram 
  • Equipment layout
  • General Arrangement layout
  • Earthing layout